Yout get me

If I say "no" if i resist
if I don't give into this
would it be a lesson or a loss?

I never thought I could feel this way
and I've got to say
that I just don't get it
where I went wrong.
Why there is no feeling for me

You get me, you get me
like a beatiful song you heard a million times
like the rainbow's end you can never find
You get me

I'm just a dreamer in dark
who follows his hearth
and I sit back in my hiding
while you're far away

Stayed awake in the night
and now it's almost morning
I go out of the bed
and let the light in
to love you even more

and there comes a time
you must stay in the moment
or when you must walk away
while you heart's still bleeding

You could have me all the time
but you just said
No. not for all the love in the world
and you didn't realize
that it's a lot of love tonight

But who is to say who wins or who loses?
i'm just one kiss away
from what I have to say
may our minds lose the battle
may our heart win the war

If I say "yes" if I let go
face the consequence we both know
will it lead to regret?
it wont be the same when I come around
Suddenly I undestand
it's all over know



19.3.07 22:34

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